Public Plant Sale

A public plant sale will be held in 2024 at the Clintonville Women’s Club, 3951 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio on Saturday July 27 from 10 am to 12 noon!  Members are welcome to arrive early at 9 am to help set up the sale.  Free parking is available at the building.  

This sale consists of daylilies donated by members of MCDS from their gardens and the daylilies dug from the Ohio Hybridizer Garden.  There are some interesting finds at this sale at very reasonable prices.  We usually charge $5 or less for most plants.  Some newer plants may cost more.   All plants are bare root.  

You will find some great hard to find plants at this sale including some gems dug from the Ohio Hybridizer Garden maintained by MCDS at the Franklin Park Conservatory.    We accept credit cards at the sale!  

Sources for purchasing daylilies from MCDS club members are listed in 2020.  Many of these sources are still open for business in 2024. However, you should contact them if you plan to visit.

Last updated 05 13 24